The Power of New Ideas


‘Business is not about the idea of power, but the power of ideas’ and ‘Creativity is the ability to bring something new into existence’.

Everything starts with an idea. The person thinks and then tries to get the vibe of whether or not it can evolve into something bigger and better.  Ideas are always there in everyday life. It can be a very simple one, let’s take the example of mineral water, it all started when a man took some purified water in a bottle and sold it. At that time, other people were taunting him as they thought it’s crazy to sell water like that, but look at it now. How many mineral water companies are out there on that very same idea and this solved the problem of getting instant drinking water. Ideas are always there, you just have to focus your thinking.  Let’s say you are at a party and you see some difficulties for people, you think that if only that one element had more budget allocated towards it and the other had less it would have been a lot easier. This idea can transform into starting your own event organizing service and getting things done your way. There is always allowance for betterment. Ideas beget ideas; the more you think, the more connections and tangents you find. 

Ideas make the world, for they are the guide to future practice.  Even the flimsiest ideas rooted in prejudice and ignorance make history and form public culture.  [Michael O’Neill and Ash Amin in their book ‘Thinking About Almost Everything’]. We are nothing without ideas, even the smallest one, they are the light to our dark, the brief flickering flame that stands out and can ignite a fire which can change everything.

Generating Ideas

The term Incubation is used forA stage where an entrepreneur thinks about the idea (based on observing the trends) or thinks about a problem, consciously or sub-consciously’. Idea Generation is the process of generating a wide range of ideas, but in business, we often are unable to think too far outside of the box – we’re too close to the trees to see the forest. Therefore, we can miss the big picture. Seeing or discussing these ideas can help give them proper detail and shape, increasing the likelihood of finding something innovative and useful. Therefore, looking at things from a different angle is the first step to innovate, pioneer and invent new solutions to existing problems.

Idea generation is the foundation of the process of discovering new sustainable business opportunities. New ideas often arise from simple questions like ‘What is this?’, ‘What is it for?’, ‘What could it be for?’ ‘Where can it lead to?’ Questioning the basic uses of utensils we use in everyday life and common customs and rules; opens up space for many new opportunities. When you put your mind to work, whatever the focus, don’t be afraid of what you think.  You may stumble upon something brilliant.  Your education is an opportunity to discover and let your mind wander. 

Creating bright futures with new ideas

Einstein said that the problems we have today cannot be solved with the same thinking that we used when we created them. As the world changes at a faster and faster pace, ideas and ways of operating that were adequate only yesterday no longer suffice. Given the sweltering pace of change, the convergence of strategies and the rapid commoditization of products, firms that rely on yesterday’s ideas, products, and assumptions are clearly vulnerable and liable. Organizations need a constant stream of new ideas if they are to create exciting and buoyant future. We need to encourage good ideas in the workplace, foster them and help to evolve them into great realities. 

What ideas have you encouraged recently and which ideas have you dismissed without a thought?