How to Achieve Major Success


"The two most important requirements for major success are first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it" - Ray Kroc

According to this quote recognizing an opportunity is the first step and generation of an idea is the second step. These two processes run parallel to each other and are strongly linked with each other. 

  • How to recognize an opportunity:

The first step is to focus on the product you are offering. Make sure your products and services speak for themselves. People buy from you when they believe that your products are worth their money. If you are a newbie then you should pay attention to you product first, everything else comes later.

Make sure your pitch is simple and attractive. A good and eye-catching pitch has the ability to attract prospects. A short concise but meaningful message can surely make a big difference in your business. It showcases your products and services to the world.

Be original. Do not follow others; it is not necessary to start an automobile business just because your friends started one. Know who you are and try to find out your hidden skills and then use these skills to earn a living. Do not ignore any opportunity, which might help you grow your skills and ability. If you are not good at some task, pass it on to another person and don’t waste your time on it. For example, if you are bad at managing things, hire a part-time manager. This will save you time which you can avail in more productive things. Always brainstorm before taking an action.

 Map out your skills with your client's needs. This will help you decide your service strategy. Most of the time new business owners waste their skills on the wrong-targeted population. Brainstorming will save you from this hustle.

 Go for marketing tools and methods, which suit you the best. Before implementing a marketing strategy, make sure you compare it with your personality and business requirements. If you are on a tight budget, you can always take the help of social media to promote your business.

 Strive for a working plan of action. In earlier steps, we discussed all the items pertaining effective planning. Now it is time for some action. Action plans give you a map that you can use to track your progress rate. Be realistic and try to set up goals which you can carry out in a short duration of time without compromising on the quality. Moreover, review your plan now and then to see if there is room for improvement.

  • Generation of an idea:

Without an excellent idea, you cannot move further. Usually, inspiration is around us, all we have to do is recognize it.

 Observe things around you. Sometimes we oversee the things which are happening around us. Be more observant and try to find creative ideas from simple things. For instance, go for a walk and see what people are eating the most. Maybe by this exercise, you can come up with your own food truck.

Get social, hangout with people who you believe are similar to you. Discuss things with them. You can also connect people through social media like Facebook and twitter. Human interactions may help you to surface new ideas.

Become a bibliophile. Read books when you get a chance. Books are loaded with ideas which are waiting to be discovered. If you do not have time to read a book on a regular basis, go for skimming. Just go through the pages in a go. Books will help you learn new things and improve your knowledge.

 Start surfing the web. Google is our friend, no doubt about it. It is the best medium to generate ideas with learning outcomes. Take some time out from your busy schedule and spend it on web surfing. Start your journey with "I am feeling lucky" button.

 Keep a journal and jot down any random idea that clicks your mind. A journal will keep a record of your thoughts and feelings. Go through the pages on weekends to come up with ideas for your own pieces of writings.

 Meditate to relax your mind. When our mind is overloaded with work and thought our thinking pattern gets blocked. Meditations will help to clear your mind of stress. Commit yourself to meditation and you will definitely come up with some amazing ideas.