4 Tips for Presenting TED Talks


Are you wondering how you can give a great and inspiring TED Talk? Are you worried about presenting your work in front of the people? Did you know that just a few tips can help you slash down all your problems and tensions like an incredible warrior? Yes, you got it right, only a few tips can actually help you get rid of all the issues and complications regarding presentation of your work.

There are many people who undergo this weird feeling of nervousness and hesitation; they are not confident enough to speak in front of the people. Remember you are the not the only one. The people you watch giving an amazing TED Talk feel the same way but they do not give this feeling of diffidence enough power to control them rather they overcome it.

The 4 "T's"

The influence your idea makes on others depends a lot on the way you deliver it. Your idea may loose its actual significance if it is not presented in a good way. Keep the following "T’s" in mind in order to present a tremendous TED Talk.

  • Transparent

You need to convey your thoughts in a simple and intelligible way. The box containing your idea should be transparent. People can only be influenced by your plan when it is comprehensible enough for them. Don't use difficult vocabulary, instead use easy and plain words.

The audience appreciates the innovative ideas but it's also important to act as a medium, transferring the concept to other people. To be productive, the idea has to reach to as many people as possible. In order to inspire people to talk about your concept, be coherent and effective.

  • Tell Tales

Connecting your idea with interesting tales will help shed light on different perspectives of thought. It has been found that tales grab people's attention and they tend to grasp the objective of the story more easily. You can tell your own experiences in the form of stories to engage people in your presentation. No doubt, by using this method you will find people have a better understanding of your idea.

  • True To Type

You need to possess uniformity in your lecture so that people are able to easily comprehend your point. Don't knit different colors of different ideas in one sweater to make the whole thing complex otherwise the audience might get confused. Remember that your discussion should be true to type so you do not lose the concentration of your spectators.

  • Tenaciousness

You need to be determined. It is said that ideas exist in every human mind so it is possible that your idea has already presented and described by someone else but this doesn't mean that you need to discard it completely. You should try your best to find something that adds new color to the idea; some point that is yet to be explored.

If you keep the above tips in mind, I am sure that you are going to give an extraordinary TED Talk. Keep your spirits high and continue practicing.