Choosing an Incubator


Pursuit of happiness is something everyone aspires for. In the materialistic and utilitarian world of ours, money is honey. So in our pursuit for happiness, we need money, and for money we need ideas that can help us earn that money. 

The world no longer believes in the idea of rabbit hole, where only a few ideas were sufficient. In today’s world, you need new ideas everyday to survive. It is, however, important to note that ideas alone cannot suffice in this mad world of competition; you need a platform and resources to execute those unique ideas of yours. Incubators are such platforms. They not only provide the platform to execute your ideas but in most cases investment as well. Most of the beginners, however, do not know how and where to find an incubator. Here are some of the ideas that will provide you with the guidance you need. 

Finding an incubator

First and foremost you need to find an incubator. For that you may join startup clubs and you may connect with the IT personnel. This will take you straight to the incubator. Secondly you must research about the person providing mentorship there. Research about the background of mentors and past records of the incubator as well. Choose the environment that best suits your ideas. It is highly advised in the world of incubation to contact some alumni of the incubator you are interested in. They can teach you and guide you in best possible manner.  

Choosing your team

If you have a plan and you are going to launch a startup, you need a team; co-founders and other workers. Choose your team wisely. Choose the people you are comfortable with. Do not forget to research their background, because you are going to invest yourself into that business. You may hire one or two consultants for some areas as well. 

Pitching and idea

The next and most important thing is pitching your idea. Everyone has ideas, but you need to do a lot of homework on your ideas. You need to research and discuss different aspect of that idea with successful entrepreneurs. Your idea must contain something unique about it, since the modern day business world believes in the idea of “survival of the fittest”. If you want to survive with your idea in this world of competition you must have something innovative about your idea. Having an innovative idea would not suffice; you need to project that idea in a manner that can make it stand out among all the other ideas. This is called pitching of the idea in a world of incubation. 


Lastly and most importantly, your determination matters most. You must know what to do and how to do it. It is important to be consistent in your goals and you must have a plan and roadmap on the paper. That way you would be able to count on your determination. Even the best ideas fail because of inconsistency and lack of determination. So, determination is the most important thing.