7 Things All the Best Pitch Decks Have in Common: The Essentials of a Pitch Deck Design


A Pitch Deck is a short presentation given to an audience, usually comprising investors, explaining and introducing a business or giving a brief overview of it. Pitch Decks are extremely common in the business world and are relied upon heavily, especially when making investment decisions. This article aims to provide you with a guide to the 7 features and characteristics that all of the best Pitch Decks have in common. 

1. You and Your Company's Introduction

The first thing the investors should know is your name, your company's name, your position in the  company, and the position of any other important members of your team. These key items should be the first thing in your Pitch Deck. 

2. Key Management

The main individuals, current or previous, should be mentioned as well to give your pitch more organization as well as improve the look of your business. 

3. Your Company's Target Market

Your product or service and your target market should be highlighted and emphasized upon. The investors need to know who you will be targeting and how. 

4. Market and Sales

The next thing you need to showcase is the market for your product or service. It is imperative that you be as truthful as possible, because your investors are capable of noticing exaggerated figures very easily. Your sale estimates as well as your predicted sales potential should be 100 percent truthful and as close to the market potential as possible. 

5. Marketing Technique

Just showing investors your product or service is not enough. You need to prove to them that your marketing technique will reach your target audience in the most optimum manner possible and will ensure maximum sales. A good marketing technique is an automatic approval from investors and must be highlighted in your Pitch Deck. 

6. Your Competition

Do not make the mistake of assuming or portraying that your product or service is unique enough to not have any competition in the market. It is better to be realistic, look at your competition, then prove to your potential investors that your marketing technique and product or service will knock the competition out of the game. 

7. Finances and Investments

Perhaps the most crucial of all is to showcase what sort of finances and investments you already have and what you still need. Presenting a thorough and strategic plan to potential investors will show them that your company is serious, organized, and has a plan as to what they intend to do with the money any money received. 

Bear in mind that an overcrowded, amateur-like presentation will be off putting to most investors and may cost you a lot of business. It is best to pre-plan as best as you can and make the most optimum presentation possible that is sure to wow your audience. Using the above characteristics will ensure that your Pitch Deck becomes one of the best.